Types of Roller Coaster from MCC

Author:MCC Time:2018-11-12

With the flourishing of the amusement roller coaster industry, there appears lots of Spinning roller coaster, Suspended Roller Coaster, Family Roller Coaster, Hanging Roller Coaster, and indoor roller coasters.
roller coaster ride for saleAs for MCC roller coaster, No.1 roller coaster manufacturer in China who was involved in this industry for more than 30 years owns professional designers and technicians.
There are types of roller coasters in MCC factory which including big thrill roller coaster rides, small roller coaster and mini roller coaster for backyard use.
Spinning roller coaster
For large roller coaster, we have 3, 4,5,6,7 and ring roller coaster with high quality, which has been exported to many countries.
For small and mini roller coaster, we have many models of dragon roller coaster rides (green dragon roller coasters and red dragon roller coaster rides) and many models of green slide and fruit worm roller coaster rides and mini shuttle roller coaster rides. These smaller roller coaster rides mainly designed for kids in the amusement parks, funfairs and in the backyard.

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