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Overlapping Roller Coaster  Parameter

Cabin Number


Rated Seats


Total Height


Track Length


Rated Voltage

3N+PE AC380V/220V 50Hz

Rated Power


Max Speed


Required Area


Custom Layout


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    Features of overlapping roller coaster for sale:

    The overlapping roller coaster manufactured by MCC is a patented equipment. It takes an area of only 43*22 ㎡, but with a long track length of 330 m and maximum speed up to 50km/h. Completely new cabin design introduces ergonomic concept. Every seat installs safety bar,safety belt and double mechanism lock to ensure safety and comfort. In the process of rapid rising,rotating and falling, the riders can fully enjoy excitement ,releasing from life troubles.

    Investment Highlights

    Eye catching cabin design with convenient cabin exit and entrance for riders
    A variety of  places to be installed, indoor playground and outdoor theme park,etc.
    Save space, use low-voltage and cost affordable expense.

    What We Will Provide

    No.1 professional roller coaster manufacturer in China
    High quality with competitive price
    Customized services
    Help to install and detailed operation instructions
    Free-repair service and accessories during the warranty period

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