Matters Need Attention When Riding Roller Coasters

Author:MCC Time:2018-10-24

A roller coaster is a kind of thrill amusement rides and it has become more and more popular in amusement parks. However, some people are not fit to ride roller coasters. What matters should you pay attention to when riding roller coasters?
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①Please do not ride roller coasters if you have any one of the following health problems or conditions: high blood pressure, heart disease, fear of height, dizziness, drunkenness etc. 
②If you ride the roller coaster for the first time, please start with a low and simple family roller coaster, step by step, do not experience high difficulty at the beginning.
③Please confirm yourself before taking the queue: Is there any psychological capacity to withstand? Can your body bear the weightlessness, overweight, projectile motion and other actions?
④When ride the roller coaster, please keep seated properly, do not bow your head, bend over and explore the feet.
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⑤Please put all the items (such as cellphones, cameras, glasses, etc.) that are easy to fall off on the body into the locker or keep them in the hands of the staff before taking the ride.
⑥Children shorter than 1.4 meter cannot take roller coasters.
⑦During the roller coaster running, passengers must fasten safety belts, please don’t stand up or leave the seat.
⑧Before leaving the seat, passengers should wait until the roller coaster stops. In case of emergency, stay calm and wait for help of staff members. The unauthorized action is not allowed.
⑨Parents should dress their children in well-fitting shoes and avoid loose-fitting clothing, since it might be caught between moving parts.
⑩Ride the roller coaster in moderation. After taking the roller coaster, if you feel that your body is unwell, go to the doctor in time.

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