How to Run Wild Mouse Roller Coaster Rightly?

Author:MCC Time:2018-10-24

In order to avoid more roller coaster accident , MCC, as a professional amusement park roller coaster manufacturer, cannot only supply high quality roller coaster, such as wild mouse roller coaster for sale, but also help you train the operators with how to run wild mouse roller coaster rightly.
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The specific operation procedures of wild mouse roller coaster are as follows:
1. Check before Starting the Wild Mouse Roller Coaster
Pay attention to checking the following matters before starting the wild mouse roller coaster:
⑴Whether the seat belt on the car is fixed firmly or not, and whether there is any damage.
⑵Whether the front buffer unit is damaged or not.
⑶Whether the car body is damaged or not.
⑷Whether the axle is loose or deformed, and whether the reverse stop block is working.
⑸Wheel wear condition, and whether the track clearance is normal.
⑹Whether the fastening bolts are loose or not.
⑺Lubrication conditions.
⑻If there is any deformation or open welding on the track, the gauge distance should be measured when necessary, and the value is within the range specified by the standard.
⑼Wear of brake pads.
(10)Whether the travel switch works and is fixed firmly.
(11)Whether the grounding wire is cracked or not.
(12)After rain and snow, before running the wild mouse roller coaster, check whether the insulation resistance comply with the regulations or not.
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2. Boot Check
Do the following things before starting the operation:
⑴Whether the vehicle traction is normal.
⑵Whether there is abnormal vibration shock in vehicle operation.
⑶Whether the track column has abnormal shaking.
⑷Whether the pressure of air compressor is normal, brake pad is flexible and reliable.
⑸Whether the motor, reducer and chain of the traction device operate normally.
⑹Does the emergency stop button work?
⑺Does the electrical action according to the program?
3. Matters to be aware of during operation
⑴Be careful to check if the passengers fasten their seat belts.
⑵Pre-school children should not ride.
⑶Passengers are not allowed to leave their seats while the vehicle is in operation.
⑷Before the vehicle enters the skid track, it is not allowed to release the rear car to avoid collisions.
⑸When the parking position is not correct, the brake device should be adjusted in time. Only if the parking position is accurate, can continue the manned operation.
⑹If the air compressor fails or the air pressure is too low, and the brakes are not guaranteed, the vehicle should stop running.
⑺When the vehicle is in a traction state, while there is a sudden power cut, the service personnel should quickly go to the platform to evacuate the passengers smoothly away from the vehicle.
⑻In the course of business, if sudden rain, stop operation .After rain, wait until the track is slightly dry before running.
⑼At the end of business, to cut off the main power switch, lock the operating room door and safety fence gate.

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