How to Overcome Roller Coaster Phobia?

Author:MCC Time:2018-11-16

For roller coaster goers, riding on roller coasters is the overwhelming reason to visit an amusement park. Otherwise, some people stop at the entrance of roller coasters because of the phobia.
Roller coasters are intentionally designed to be scary, appealing to the same part of the brain that enjoys haunted houses and other Halloween events. We seem to be hardwired to enjoy activities that cause fear, provided that we know that we are actually safe.roller coasters
If your roller coaster phobia is not based on a medical concern, then you may be interested in taking steps to minimize or overcome your fear. Fortunately, there are measures you can take to conquer your phobia and even learn to love roller coasters.
 Take a Class.Some theme parks sponsor Coasterphobia classes on an irregular schedule. Others are sponsored by local groups such as coaster enthusiast associations. These classes tend to follow the basic tenets of other group seminars, and often build towards actually riding a specific roller coaster. Do your homework before paying for a class, though, to be sure that you are comfortable with the format, leadership, and expectations.roller coasters
Take a kiddie coaster first. If you feel comfortable on a smaller roller coaster, such as a kiddie coaster, you may be able to apply this technique yourself. Begin with a coaster that you are completely comfortable with so that you will have success. Ride that one a few times before stepping up to a slightly scarier version.
Bring a Friend.A well-chosen support person can help you slowly work through your fears. She can preview each coaster before you ride, letting you know exactly what to expect. Your support person can also provide a hand to hold and a shoulder to lean on.
Seek Professional Help — If your roller coaster phobia is severe, it is always best to consult with a mental health professional. Therapeutic techniques, combined with medications if required, can help you tame your fears and learn to enjoy roller coasters. 

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