How Are Roller Coasters Tested?

Author:MCC Time:2018-10-22

Safety is always the number one priority for every amusement park and theme park. In order to ensure the roller coaster safety, MCC, a professional roller coaster manufacturer in China, will show you how roller coasters are tested in their factory.
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Before taking thrill seekers on a heart-racing ride, a state-of-the-art roller coaster is rigorously tested every morning in order to be declared fit for use.
First, engineers harness themselves to different sections of the ride and have a good look around. They check for things like loose bolts, rust, contamination from grease or oil and any foreign objects. Stuff that could get in the way of the train as it hurtles around the track at 120 kilometers per hour.
big roller coaster
When the engineers give the track the all clear, sandbags are strapped into the train to simulate passengers and it is sent around the track once at full speed.
There are 4 sets of 3 wheels (main running wheels, the side friction wheels and the [ruck] stop wheels) that hold each car onto the track and they must all be inspected along with the rest of the undercarriage. Testers just turn them, make sure there is no cuts in them and just make sure they are in good condition. The main brake fins stop the train. They make sure that these brake fins aren't contaminated at all. The testers mainly we check for all axle bolts, axle pins, lap bar bolts, lap bar mechanisms. Make sure everything's all in place.
big roller coaster
The biggest danger is if one of the coaches comes to a sudden halt and the following coach hurtles around the corner and smashes into it. Therefore, they have to test the emergency breaks. They simulate a stricken coach and send a second coach on its way. It should automatically sense there is a blockage on the line and come to a halt.
If it does, the roller coaster ride is declared fit for use.

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