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Family Roller Coaster

Family Roller Coaster  Parameter

Cabin Number


Rated Seats


Total Height


Track Length


Rated Voltage

3N+PE AC380V/220V 50Hz

Rated Power


Max Speed


Required Area


Custom Layout


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    Features of Family roller coaster for sale

    Family roller coaster is designed and manufactured for those who haven't got any roller coaster riding experiences and ungrown-ups. Its maximum speed will be less than 43km/h and the height will be less than 17m. Comparing the larger coasters'  70km/h above speed and 25m above height, It's milder and less thrilling.

    Riding Experiences:

    Riders will go climbing, diving, sliding and whirling in the train while running along the track. For the younger children, they may feel safer riding with their parents.

    What We Will Provide:

    High quality with competitive price of roller coaster
    Customized services
    Help to install and detailed operation instructions
    Free-repair service and accessories during the warranty period

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