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7 Ring Suspended Roller Coaster

7 Ring Suspended Roller Coaster  Parameter

Cabin Number


Rated Seats


Total Height


Track Length


Rated Voltage

N+PE AC380V/220V 50Hz

Rated Power


Max Speed


Required Area


Custom Layout


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    Suspended roller coaster consists of overhead track, traction system and train. The overhead trackage is including one 360° vertical ring, one 270° vertical ring, two 360°spiral rings and three profile rings, in the total of 7 rings, among which there are lots of up-and-down curves.
    Riding Experiences:
    The cars of suspended roller coaster hangs from the bottom of the rolling stock by a pivoting fulcrum or hinge assembly.Riders in the train will swing side to side along with the track. Due to the swing designs, these suspended roller coasters cannot invert riders. In this way, Suspended roller coaster provides riders a distinctive and exciting experience.
    What we can provide:
    High quality with competitive roller coaster price
    Customized services
    Help to install and detailed operation instructions
    Free-repair service and accessories during the warranty period

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