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11 Ring Roller Coaster

11 Ring Roller Coaster  Parameter

Cabin Number


Rated Seats

28/56 person

Total Height


Track Length


Rated Voltage

AC380V/220V 50Hz

Rated Power

280 kw

Max Speed


Required Area


Custom Layout


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    The 11 ring roller coaster is a new design based on 10 ring roller coaster, which represents the latest design trend and latest technology application of current international amusement roller coaster rides. Currently, there are only three "10 ring  roller coasters" in the world, which are installed in the UK, Guangdong and Chongqing respectively.  The 10 ring roller coaster's permanent magnetic braking system is smooth, noiseless, and maintenance-free. which makes it one of the most advanced roller coasters in the world.

    What's new in 11-ring roller coaster?

    We have absorbed the world's top technology, and innovated it.Over two years' assiduous working, we proposed, modified,tested and validate the issue of adding one ring to the 10 ring roller coaster, which increased the tack length and riders' riding excitement.

    What we will Provide:

    High quality with competitive 
    roller coaster price
    Customized services
    Help to install and detailed operation instructions

    Free-repair service and accessories during the warranty period

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